Hustle Spirit (FEATURED POST)

As we crash our morning sleep
To contend with the challenges of life‎
So do we go late to bed at night
Making it look like sleep is not part of life.

As we rigorously toil all day
To put food on the table at night
Still we end up deteriorating our body system
Like the food is not suppose to keep us healthy.

Life give us life in the morning
Making us feel like today is the day
And she knock us down in the night
Like there won't be another tomorrow.

We start our life process with a cry
Like we are not suppose be here
And people help us do the last cry
Like we are not suppose to leave here.

This is what goes around
This is what comes around
This is the human living
This is the hustle spirit.


It being a very long time I wrote a poem, and lately have been trying to come up with something and this one is titled Want To .

I want to write,
Write, to soothe my heart,
Write, to explore my mind,
Write, to feed my soul.
To keep me calm and sane I write,
To shield me from truth I write.

I want to dance,
Dance, to exercise my soul,
Dance to hide my tears,
Dance to free my head.
To keep me calm and sane I dance.
To shield me from truth I dance.

I want new friends,
Friends, to help me hide my sorrow,
Friends, to help me develop my potentials,
Friends, to show me love I don't deserve.
In times of joy and pain I want,
A friend to tell me truth that hurt.

Written and composed by


I fear the lights and how bright it shines,
I fear its brightness may pay me the wrong price,
Yet I am more afraid of not having a light.

I fear stagnancy
Because of my fear for what is outside,
Yet I am scared of not having my own path.

I am scared of change,
And I am scared of pain,
Yet I fear what I may never know.

I am scared to start,
And I am scared to continue,
But I am more afraid to fail.

I fear attempts,
Because it may be a mistake
But I am more scared of I may never learn.

I am scared of today,
Because of my folks yesterday
But I fear my tomorrow Because my yesterday left without a notice

I am scared of becoming,
Yet I fear not becoming,
I am so worried about the upcoming.

I fear what is wrong,
Sometimes even what is right.

I fear a life without meaning,
I fear everything.
What do you fear???

Written and composed by



Dear Lola,
So am I a traitor
Or am I a coward
Which is it tell me I'm tired of looking inwards
Some people I do not know were killed so I should surrender my life?

Two blasts yesterday occurred
On the ground was shrapnel; flaming sons spawned the children of ticking time bombs
So father the retired soldier urged me to sign up
Before I go I must inform u of this my new way forward

I leave tomorrow in my ironed uniform
Of khaki shorts and white tops, blacks gloves too
Oh! Did I tell you I now wear boots
And gone are the days where I wore expensive shoes.

Dear Lola,
Life here is fun, well not really
I've been made a fighter pilot of course I'm just in training
My dear I want to fly but this flight involves killing
I must leave now my quarter master is fast approaching.

Dear Lola,
Its been six months already
I've been commissioned so quickly
They all seem to think I'm ready
Myself and my friends
The flying thunder squad team
I'm the co-captain our leaders nam…

Be Yourself

Regardless of whatever any body thinks always Be Yourself and Believe

20 Things I Would Miss About School

Hello guys, happy new month, it being a really long time sigh... I hope am back full time now  So recently I became a graduate, and here is a list of 20 things I would miss about school life
1. Drinking Garri; Ohh I drank garri so much, it got to an extent some of my hall mate gave me the nick name Garri-Ambadsador.
2.  Martial Art: I was involved in Judo and Taekwando 🥋oh I would miss training.
3. Fetching water from the Well; as stressful as it was, it was one of my secret ways to keep fit.
4.  Weightlifting; I remember always looking forward to finding new place to lift weight and waking up very early so I could do some early morning workout with my guys them Ose and Ib.
5. Charging Phone ; the struggle to charging phone in school then was a real challenge cos electricity is a rare element in my hall so from going to rooms where gen is on to taking extension to lecture to charge it wasn't funny.
6. Long Argument's; oh mehn those unnecessary argument in Emmanuel room every …

A trip to a Pig farm

The past few days has been a bit interesting for me, it seems September has so many things to teach and show me.

So first Sunday of the month I was at a Pig farm I guess some call it a piggery. It was in Lagos, my uncle has some pigs that he rears so we went to check up on them.

First thing I noticed when I got there, was the smell it was so bad but after getting inside and all, let's just say I got used to the foul smell. My uncle has about 47 pigs about 15 adult and the rest all young piglet although at various age of childhood😶.

Actually, I think pigs are very cute especially when they are still young, i saw some 2weeks old very cute looking piglets all trying to suck breast milk from their mom (although she was quite greedy about allowing them suck). I just felt like taking them all home with me.

So for all you guys who might be interested in rearing pigs here are some few things I heard and noticed.

∆ Pigs are very easy to rear but needs time.

∆ They can eat about almost a…